movement and nature to feed your glow

Come join me for a walk in nature, complemented by outdoor yoga.

A great way to supercharge your sense of well-being!

outdoor yoga

beginning june 1st & running until the end of september

We will be following city regulations for the prevention of the spread of COVID-19. All classes will have a maximum of 4 participants to physical distancing. We will remain physically distanced throughout the duration of the class.

Class format: Yoga, Walk, Yoga, Walk, Yoga! (And of course a lovely Savasana!)

summer classes 2020

PeaceGlow WEDNESDAYS @ 7pm

PowerGlow TUESDAYS @ 7pm & SATURDAYS @ 9am

How it works:

1. Head on over to the Class Sign-up Form to choose your class(es).

2. Choose your class type(s): PeaceGlow and/or PowerGlow & date(s)

3. Choose a 5 or 10 Class Pass or opt for a drop-in class to try it out.

4. I will reach out to you via email to confirm your registration and payment.

5. Join me at Meadowbreeze Park! Wear your running shoes, sunglasses, hat, sunscreen, bug spray...

**Bring your own yoga mat and mat strap.

*Registration closes one hour before class begins. Please pre-register to ensure you receive notification of class cancellation due to inclement weather.

** If a class gets cancelled due to weather, you can choose another day/time from the available classes to replace it. (More details below.)

More Details...

  • You can register/deregister for a class up until 1 hour prior to the scheduled class.
  • If I deem the weather inclement, you will receive a cancellation email and you can then choose another class from the available classes.
  • You may choose to attend a mix of both the Yoga Walk classes and Online classes when you purchase a MWG 5 or 10 Class Package.
  • Looking for some information about insect repellents? Check here. You can also have a look at the Environmental Working Group's Skin Deep website for health information regarding the use of different brands of sunscreens.

special summer PRICING!

Drop-in $10

5 Class Pass $45

10 Class Pass $80

** These passes are valid for 1 year on both Online and Yoga Walk classes.**


"The state of feeling healthy and happy."

Cambridge Dictionary

Nature has so much to offer us! According to multiple studies, an improved sense of well-being is only one of them (studies). Nature can have calming effects on our levels of stress, provides us with fresh air, and is even associated with improving our eyesight (article)!