Hello everyone!

Due to personal reasons, I am currently taking some time off. I hope to see you all again soon!

Free OUtdoor Classes!

Select Saturdays through the summer I will be offering FREE outdoor GENTLE yoga classes. It is a great pleasure to reconnect not only in person, but also in nature!

The perfect class to energize and refresh as you welcome the rest of the day.

Saturday, July 31st @ 9am

Saturday, August 7th @ 9am

Saturday, August14th @ 9am

virtual group classes

June 28th - September 3rd, 2021

Gentle Classes

a combination of hatha and flow

Throughout these gentle classes many options are given for the poses to allow for comfort and ease. We explore poses on our backs, on our bellies, kneeling and standing. Attention is put into simpler transitions that allow the body breaks between the positions so as not to strain those with sensitive joints. Static poses from traditional hatha yoga are mixed with the more dynamic practice of vinyasa yoga (flow).

These classes are perfect for those who may:

enjoy lower intensity classes

have some physical limitations

be beginning yoga students

VIRTUAL: jun 28, jul 5, 12, 26, aug 2, 9, 16, 30 @ 7:30pm

FREE OUTDOOR*: july 10 @ 9am (12ppl)

*more dates to come!

Nourish Classes

gentle yoga followed by a long restorative pose

Similar to the GentleGlow class but we take a little more time to unwind and include some restorative yoga to soothe the nervous system.

The perfect class to:

reduce stress & tension

stretch & strengthen

comfort the nervous system

VIRTUAL: jun 30, jul 8, 15, 29, aug 5, 19, sept 2 @ 8pm

Restorative Classes

fully supported poses held for 5-20min each

Using a variety of yoga props or props found around the home (pillows, blankets, etc.), we fully support the body in a variety of poses to allow the muscles to release, the mind to let go, and our body to shift from fight or flight mode (stress) to rest and relax mode.

The perfect class to:

reduce stress

relieve tension

calm the nervous system

These classes have many benefits that include:

reducing the amount of the stress hormone cortisol circulating in the body

helping boost the immune system and accelerate the body's natural healing process

helping us release unnecessary habitual tension in the body and mind

helping us to discover where in the body we hold our stress/tension

helps to improve digestive function

quieting of the mind

soothing for emotional pain

VIRTUAL: aug 3, 31 @ 8pm


Classes are held at my home in Bridlewood (Monahan Landing) until a park booking can be made.

COVID health guidelines will be followed. Social distancing rules are to be followed and masks are required upon arrival.

Washroom facilities will be made available for classes held at my home (mandatory mask), but there are no washroom facilities at the park.

Please arrive a few minutes early to provide everyone the opportunity to lay down their own mats while respecting social distancing.

Please bring your own mat and blanket/towel. Other props are also welcome!

With outdoor classes please take your own personal precautions when it comes to sun exposure and bug exposure. There is no guarantee of shade.

pricing - group classes

Special Summer Pricing!

Drop-in $10 (Reg. $12)

5 Class Pass $45 (Reg. $55)

10 Class Pass $80 (Reg. $100)

** These passes are valid for 1 year.**


yoga sessions created just for you

If you are looking for yoga to help you on a more personal level, private sessions are a great option. I work with students to specifically address individual concerns as well as with those students who are looking to deepen their practice.

for beginners

For the beginner yogi who would like to get some important basics down before joining a group class, or even in addition to group classes, private sessions offer a personalized way to familiarize yourself with many common poses. These sessions will also guide you to move into the poses in a safe and effective way for your body so as to help avoid injury and to gain the most benefit of the poses.

for those with injuries/limitations

Many of us deal with injuries or chronic limitations as we move through life. Personalized sessions allow you to explore more options for your favourite poses so that you can more easily move into them in a class setting. Learn how to effectively use blocks, blankets and other props to support your practice so that your body can continue to enjoy the benefits of your yoga poses.

for those with specific goals in mind

Maybe you are looking for flexibility or strengthening a particular area in the body, or maybe you are looking to reduce stress and anxiety. Yoga is a lovely option for working to improve many aspects of your personal health and well-being.

muscle strength joint stability

flexibility improve posture

healthier lifestyle

improve sleep/decrease anxiety

quality of breathing

body awareness mindfulness

reduce stress/increase peace of mind

pricing - private classes

gentle & restorative options

60min $65

5 Sessions $312

10 Sessions $600

Bookings or further questions: stephanie@movewithglow.com