to help spark your glow

online classes

October 26th - December 19th, 2020



Mondays @ 7:30pm

a low intensity class focused on strength, flexibility and mobility



Thursdays @ 8:00pm

a class that begins with gentle poses/flows and ends with a nice long restorative pose



Tuesdays @ 8:00pm

Oct. 20, Nov. 3, Nov. 17, Dec. 1, Dec. 15.

special restorative practices designed to encourage your body to drop out of its stressed state and into its healing state


15min workday

Days/Times TBA

a mini stress-release class focused on breathwork, mindfulness and other grounding techniques

for more information, see below


Drop-in $12

5 Class Pass $55

10 Class Pass $100

** These passes are valid for 1 year.**

coming soon!

mini stress release classes

created for your workday

created with Educators in mind!

also a great option for those working from home or in the office

This is a mini-class designed with Educators in mind, but perfect for anyone looking for a moment in their day to release some tension and stress through breathwork, mindfulness and other grounding techniques. With the added stress of going back to work in the midst of a Pandemic, this is a calming respite.

This class will be offered multiple times per week at different times of the day. The 15min blocks will align with a variety of school recess/break times to allow for Educators to participate during their busy day. A final schedule will be created once schools have announced their 2020 scheduling.

sign up for a FREE TRIAL, and let me know what days/times would interest you