Welcome to move with glow yoga! I am Stephanie Robert, a passionate yoga teacher and lover of getting the body moving!

Movement is essential to our health and well-being. Join me as we explore movement, breath and stillness to spark your inner glow.

Everybody is welcome.

I am currently offering:

live online group classes

online private sessions

** Due to COVID, I am not offering indoor classes at this time.

I hope to add them to the schedule as soon as possible. **

autumn CLASS schedule

a combination of hatha and flow

Throughout these gentle classes many options are given for the poses to allow for comfort and ease. We explore poses on our backs, on our bellies, kneeling and standing. Attention is put into simpler transitions that allow the body breaks between the positions so as not to strain those with sensitive joints. Static poses from traditional hatha yoga are mixed with the more dynamic practice of vinyasa yoga (flow).

These classes are perfect for those who may:

enjoy lower intensity classes

have some physical limitations

be beginning yoga students

** NourishGlow is a gentle class that ends in a supportive and releasing restorative pose or two!



$60 ($10/class) - Register before or on Jan. 4th


$75 ($12.50/class) - Starting Jan. 5th

move with glow yoga

  • specializing in hatha, gentle hatha and restorative yoga

  • a focus on mobility for living an active and healthy life

  • a focus on soothing the nervous system to reduce stress and help care for your mental health

my mission:

Movement is for every BODY! Movement is medicine - we know from so many scientific studies, as well as from personal experiences, that when we move regularly we feel better inside and out.

move with glow yoga offers you ways to move that meet your personal needs and goals. Safe, effective and fun movement!

In-studio and in-home classes are offered.

You can also request an outdoor class in the warmer seasons!

  • located in South Kanata

  • smoke-free

  • scent-free

  • essential oils are diffused only with permission from my students

  • please note that I do have two adorable cats! (although they will not be joining us for the class)

"When we digest and embrace the goals of longevity, mobility, comfort, strength, and healthy joints, we begin to more clearly see our bodies as the protective and wondrous homes they are."

Lara Falberg, Yoga International